WC19 Wheelchairs

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Broda Seating

Broda Synthesis (Elite) Tilt-in-Space Chair

The Synthesis of Comfort, Functionality and Style The Synthesis Tilt Recliner (V4) builds upon BRODA’s legacy of comfort and reliability to provide the fullest range of positioning features in a more progressive design. New aesthetic and styling options suit a variety of preferences and fit the facilities of today and tomorrow. New adjustable wings provide individualized upper lateral support. BRODA’s unique Comfort Tension Seating® system provides pressure redistribution and air flow for increased sitting comfort and support. Featuring up to 40° of infinitely adjustable seat tilt and up to 90° of infinitely adjustable back recline, as well as Trendelenburg positioning, the Synthesis provides safe and comfortable positioning without the use of restraints. Front pivot seat tilt helps maintain a forward line of sight, enhancing socialization and engagement. Offering outstanding benefits for both patients and caregivers, the Synthesis is ideal for:

– Improved posture, oxygenation, feeding, and overall comfort.

– Fall prevention and safe patient handling

– Accommodating hyperextension

– Changing incontinence products without transferring from the chair

– Decreasing patient fatigue and postural deviations reducing the use of restraints

 Recommended for:

• Individuals requiring Moderate to Advanced levels of nursing care.

• Severe Agitation and Involuntary Movement such as Huntington’s Chorea (with the addition of HSP Padding Package)

• Hospital and Acute Care (with the addition of our ACC padding package)

Broda Access LT Tilt Chair

The Access Tilt Chair (LT) is the ideal alternative to a geri chair or traditional high back recliner!  A cost-effective chair, the Access offers streamlined features focusing on BRODA’s core elements:

BRODA’s Comfort Tension Seating® aids in long term comfort and pressure redistribution.

• Smooth, infinitely adjustable seat tilt up to 28° offers individualized positioning to help prevent falls.

• Unique front pivot seat cradles and enables patient to look forward, even in full tilt, for socializing with others- enhancing quality of life.

The Access Tilt Chair also offers a lightweight, yet exceptionally durable design to provide ease of maneuverability, whether in tight spaces, or down a hallway.Offering excellent benefits for both patients and caregivers, the Access helps with improved posture,breathing and overall comfort.

Recommended for:

• Entry-level nursing care for patients who are non-ambulatory

• Hospice Care

• Hospital/Acute Care

• Home Care

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Diagnostic Products Adview2


Introducing the New ADC® ADView® 2 Modular Diagnostic Station

ADC, a world leader in core diagnostic products for more than 30 years, has partnered with SunTech Medical®, the premier developer of innovative blood pressure technology, to create the next generation in modular diagnostics:

The ADC ADView 2 Modular Diagnostic Station.

All the features you’ve loved, now even better.

-Clinical-grade Advantage BP technology from SunTech Medical

-Contemporary, compact design with an integrated handle and easy-to-read display

-Manual blood pressure mode for real-time verification

-Customizable average mode options

-Next-generation EMR ready with HL7 messaging for electronic data transfer

-Network enabled with built-in Ethernet or optional Wi-Fi

-Lithium-ion power for longer-lasting battery life and a lighter weight

-Built-in memory with up to 99 charting sessions

-New Pediatric Mode to ensure accurate measurements for younger patients

-Firmware upgradeable

The ADView 2 is still the only truly modular diagnostic station that grows with your needs. Start with blood pressure and choose temperature or pulse oximetry options at the time of purchase; we’ll ship your ADView 2 fully configured and ready to go. Or add new modules and accessories in the field, anytime, as you need them. Our user-expandable, connect-and-go construction makes upgrading effortless.
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Patient Lifts Safety Guide

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Video Tutorials

We strive to offer state-of-the-art, efficient, and cost-effective equipment while maintaining a knowledgeable, available and service-oriented staff. While we specialize in wound-care, negative-pressure and bariatric supplies, our line of products is wide and extensive; a full array of skilled nursing , rehabilitative and hospice needs. View the video tutorials below to learn more about how to use some of SMP’s most popular products.


Invia Wound Therapy For Negative Pressure Wound Therapy by Medela


Invia Wound Therapy utilizes negative pressure to help promote healing in chronic or difficult to heal wounds. Sub atmospheric pressure is applied to the wound using either the Invia Liberty or the Invia Vario through a specialized dressing kit. Safely and effectively, the pressure and the kit remove infectious materials and mechanically stimulate tissue to help promote wound healing. Invia Wound Therapy takes only a few steps to get a patient started on negative pressure wound therapy.


Please remember that each individual wound is unique. Consult the patient’s physician on whether or not Invia Wound Therapy is an appropriate method of treatment for each particular instance.

Watch the videos below for more information on how to use Invia Wound Therapy.  

Zenith 9000 Slide W-I-D-E Bariatric High Low Bed

  • Patented expandable/retractable deck quickly and easily adjusts to 35″, 39″, and 42″with two quick-release ball-detent pins on each side
  • Quick adjustment is ideal for moving through narrow doorways
  • All pins are attached to the bed with lanyards, eliminating lost parts
  • Wide head and footboards available in 39″ and 42″ widths
  • Rails and assist devices are also quick-release without tools on each side

Wider sleep surfaces reduce falls by residents accustomed to sleeping on common consumer products, which range from 39″ for a twin to 60″ for a queen sized bed.*

*Fragala G, Perry B, Fragala M, Examining bed width as a contributor to risk of falls from bed in long term care. Annals of Long-Term Care: Clinical Care and Aging, 2012; 20(6):35-38.

Proudly Made in America


Broda Synthesis Tilt-in-Space & Access LT Tilt Chairs

Comfort is Essential For Quality of Life.

BRODA’s unique line of tilt-in-space positioning chairs have been improving people’s lives for more than 35 years. We have witnessed the positive impact BRODA chairs have had in countless patients’ lives. For some, having the appropriate BRODA chair means relief from chronic pain, for others, it’s maintaining independence, and in many cases, it means getting out of bed for the first time in months to engage in their surroundings. Regardless of age, patients seated for extended periods of time deserve to be comfortable. Comfort reduces stress, improves recovery, well-being, and is therefore…absolutely essential to one’s quality of life. 

Comfort is the key, and when it comes to providing comfort, BRODA is essential.


Introducing the New ADC® ADView® 2 Modular Diagnostic Station

ADC, a world leader in core diagnostic products for more than 30 years, has partnered with SunTech Medical®, the premier developer of innovative blood pressure technology, to create the next generation in modular diagnostics: The ADC ADView 2 Modular Diagnostic Station.
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Infection Control to Help With “ACT 52”

SMP has added a new category to our line of Infection Control Products. In this category we have new products that can help with Act 52 requirements in Pennsylvania. “We are pleased to work with Hygie to bring to the U.S. healthcare market the same infection control solution that has been so widely accepted in Canada,” says Greg Kilgore, president of LiftSeat. “Hygie’s Hygienic Cover System addresses a critical healthcare risk and we believe it will become a standard for the care of isolation patients in addition to being practical for the care of any patient needing a bedpan or commode. According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Infection Control, 13 out of every 1,000 patients or approximately 7,178 inpatients are infected or colonized with Clostridium difficile every day.  These infections, which are transmitted through pathogens contained in the organic waste of an infected patient, kill between 165 and 438 patients every day and cost between $17.6 and $51.5 million.
  • Envirox – uses green technology, completely neutral ph, short dwell time 5 minutes or less. (www.enviroxclean.com)
SMP would like to show you these products, how we can help with compliance with Act 52 and save you “lots of money.” Please call us for a live demostration at 610-644-1370.
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